Bugatti EB110


My name is Tibor, Hungarian born and raised Automotive and Lifestyle photographer, based in Copenhagen, Denmark.

My love for photography started in New Zealand where I lived for many years and the place I've learned the most about myself. Shortly after my first few sessions, I knew immediately that it is the only thing I ever want to do. Two weeks later my plane has landed in New York to start my journey in photography and to gain international experience. I've quickly discovered my love and passion for Automotive and Architecture photography. Since I traveled to the Caribbean, Europe, Canada, various states in the US, and many other countries to work on Automotive projects. My work can be seen in magazines, billboards, showrooms, and more.

The Covid19 sort of a life changer for many and we are doing our best to apply all safety measures while at work.

Boring Wheels
Phase One system
The gear
The Phase One XF camera system is one of our best buddies besides still using our beloved Hasselblad film and H system gear.